Expertise through Experience


We translate Health and Safety Manuals, Technical Instructions as well as patents, tenders, employment contracts, reports and many other projects.

Whatever your translation needs, whether in the field of commerce, law, medicine, finance or public service, Hillcrest can match your requirements to a translator with specialist knowledge.

A certified translation is the translation of a document typically required for official use. Examples of documents which may require certification include the following:

Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Marriage/Wedding Certificates and Divorce Decrees
Academic Certificates, Diplomas and Transcripts
Passports/ID Documents
Insurance Documents
Adoption Applications
Court orders
Employment Contracts
Professional Certified Translation Services

As part of our Certified Translation Services, Hillcrest will arrange for a professional translation to be carried out, which will then be stamped with our ATC-approved company stamp, and a letter of authenticity will be provided, signed by one of the directors of Hillcrest, confirming the document has been translated by a qualified translator, and that we believe it to be an accurate and ‘true’ translation.

As well as the documents listed above we are also able to offer certified translation services for the following:

Regulatory documents such as powers of attorney and contracts
Household bills
Bank Statements
Claim Forms
Commercial and Personal Letters
Company Documents
Deed Poll
Reference Letters
Medical Documents
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Pay slips
Police Clearance Documents
Prenuptial Agreements
Statutory Declarations
Tax Forms
What languages do we offer translation in?
The languages we are asked for most frequently include:
Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Czech Danish Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Welsh
Some of our custom

Interpreting Services
Interpreting involves the spoken word, and selecting the right interpreter can make all the difference. Whether it is for a business meeting or factory tour, a court case, hospital visit or a large, multilingual conference, HILLCREST’s interpreters and equipment technicians have the experience and professional skills to give you absolute confidence.

There are two main types of interpreting:

Consecutive Interpreting
Normally used in meetings, court, training courses or small group discussions, the interpreter listens to what is said and then interprets it after the speaker has paused, usually about every 10 seconds. For larger groups or when there is background noise, a tour-guide interpreting system is often used.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Used mainly for conferences, workshops and when large numbers of people are involved, the professional interpreter listens and interprets at the same time. This method involves very high skills levels and is tiring, so interpreters nearly always work in pairs, with the use of equipment such as soundproofed booths, headsets and microphones.
Hillcrest provides a full interpreting equipment and audio-visual hire service, and we will advise you on the best solution for your event.
If you put your trust in Hillcrest it will give you peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on the business in hand.